I see you.

I had been putting off watching the movie Avatar, not because everyone was talking about it (as I tend to shy away from things that attract large groups of people), but because I wasn’t sure if it was worth seeing on cable. I was under the impression that without the 3-D element, it was just a movie.

As one of the four people in America that wasn’t overly inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies, or the Harry Potter movies (great movies, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t connect with them deeply like other people seemed to), I expected this movie to have the same effect, but I think it struck a chord.

I can see why it would appeal to a wide range of people. The reason I felt a connection was pretty much summed up in the last 2 minutes of the movie, and the fact that there were two hours of development that led up to that point, only deepened it. I suddenly saw the odd parallel between this movie and my Internet addiction, and took note of the personal irony in the title.

My life is better rooted now than it once was, as I’m no longer trying to escape a difficult situation by diving into another place, another self. Had I watched the movie ten years ago, I’d have felt a greater sense of tortured ache. I remember looking at myself in the mirror, wishing that I could just link my brain and click upload, vanishing into a world that I created with my soul, independent of the world around me.

I don’t envy those still going through that.




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