The Blasphomatic 5000

Tori: Moles and trolls, moles and trolls…work work work work never see the light of day.

Kalin: Light of day? What the hell is that?

Tori: Holy shit it is this awful bright fucking thing that can make you blind and burn your skin.

Kalin: Ew. Who needs that? Not me, I say!

Tori: Yea right?  Fuck it. –HUG-

Kalin: ahhh –HUG- I’ve been working 11 hour days with two jobs, both online. One a contract job.

Tori: o0

Kalin: I would make more money if I entered the real workforce outside of the house, but I’m scared to be locked into something where I have to deal with people in society.

Tori: Well that is sadly the case all over. Ppl suck.

Kalin: I hate most peopel

Kalin: *people

Kalin: And peopel too.

Tori: Pipple

Kalin: *nods* agreed. Fuck the Pipple!

Tori: YAY! Sounds like a new cult being born.

Kalin: …can we all wear the same black Zips?

Tori: Hell yea.

Kalin: Awesome sauce.

Tori: We should all get tattoo mesh too, and change our ink all the time. Secret messages, etc.

Kalin: I’m going to put the extra secret messages on my butt.

Tori: Coooool…

Kalin: ..oh wait. Then everyone would see them.

Tori: And charge ppl $20 to see it.

Tori: oh.

Kalin: …I should start charging people anyway.

Tori: Or you could…you know…stop dropping drawers on a whim.

Kalin: …pff. And why would I do that?

Tori: No money in it.

Kalin: …that’s a good point. Damn. I can’t argue with that. Maybe I need to find a real job. But, I’m sick all the time and I hate calling in sick. Working at home I don’t have to do that.

Tori: Right. And most employers are dickheads about sicktime.

Kalin: Yeah. So I’m not sure what to do. I’m kinda scared. I don’t know if I can make enough money inside the house to pay my student loans.

Tori: hmmmmm?

Kalin: I’m not in school anymore

Tori: WHAT?

Tori: You didn’t tell me you finished

Tori: o0

Kalin: Yes!

Tori: OMG

Tori: YAY!!!!

Kalin: wewt

Tori: *Confetti Dance*

Kalin: thank you *bows*

Kalin: I got the diploma and everything.

Tori: That is AWESOME!

Tori: Aw man, I would have sent a card and stuff.

Kalin: Aww…that is so sweet. Thank you.

Tori: nodnodnod…However, I did send a weird package to Jaye with eye candy to share.

Kalin: Yes I heard. Jaye is nervous.

Tori: Oh it is nothing….If you call a naked, bitchin’ muscly Jesus nothing.

Kalin: I’m not sure what I’d call that. …is this an oddly phreaky Easter gift?

Tori: Umm no,….lol altho the timing is pretty good. The postcards are fer sharing.

Kalin: Not often I stop by a picture of the Christ and go, “..smokin’…”

Tori: OMG it is smokin’

Kalin: Tori! …yeah I don’t even know what to think about that.

Tori: “Thank you, Provincetown!”

Kalin: *dies*

Tori: woot!  A gay man’s messiah. hmm hmm..

Kalin: …DUDE! I can hear my grandmother yelling at me.

Tori: Actually it is a piece from an art show, and I actually just was like “Wow, sort of a new version of DAVID..”

Kalin: *snerk* cool. You are so funny… I am going to put this convo in my blog and change the names to protect the..well me. You I don’t know about.

Tori: HEY! It could be a very religious bit of art, but it is also just beautiful man-body. All the naughty bits are covered but…He is all angsty and you can SEE how tense his body is and how his is wrestling with something.

Kalin: ..his what is wrestling?

Tori: HE not his. My bad.

Tori: face/palm

Kalin: *snork* Ok ok. I have to work.

Tori: That sucks.

Kalin: This is Friday’s work I’m doing.

Tori: Ew. Off you go then. –HUG-

Kalin: I’d like to say I celebrated Good Friday by nailing my man, but that wouldn’t really be all that true.

Tori: OMG that is just TERRIBLE punning.  TERRIBLE.  Nailing….omg.

Kalin: *points* I GET THE JOKE!

Tori: NAILING? Lolol. You are so bad.

Kalin: … I just thought it was something someone said on Twitter that was cute. See how innocent I am?

Tori: snerk hshahah

Kalin: I am so glad I didn’t use the joke on anyone else. Like, mom. A neighbor.  Jaye’s mom…See, it could have been SO much worse. Alright *runs off to work* Talk to you later

Tori: ta! MWAH



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